"Photography is an art, a passion, an emotional connection, a moment in time"


Kitmin was born in the United Kingdom, as a child he was a keen fossil collector which naturally led him to a career related to geology and access to the outdoor life.  His first degree was in Engineering Geology & Geotechnics at Portsmouth, followed by a Master’s Degree in Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering at Newcastle University. He became a Chartered Geologist and worked for WS Atkins for a number of years as a consultant. Work took him around the world; e.g. construction of a 500km long water pipeline in the Sahara Desert, Libya and to the construction of a new metro system in Dubai. He was later assigned to Hong Kong to develop its infrastructure (particularly mass transport systems) and carried out specialist landslide risk assessments. Throughout these times, Kitmin travelled around the world for pleasure, so far 30 countries, as far as New Zealand to across the States to many places in Asia, taking the opportunity to take photographs, taste the local culture and enjoy the scenery. He is also an avid rock climber.

In 2011, Kitmin began taking up dance photography as a self-taught hobby and eventually gained sufficient skills and knowledge to enter the world of commercial photography. He is fast becoming an established photographer in Hong Kong with a diverse array of photography subjects and over 30 clients with repeat work. He has left his geological career behind to seek new challenges. He enjoys shooting a wide range of subjects: architecture/interiors, artwork installations, corporate events, concerts, dance, marketing, products, fashion, modelling, bourdoir, portraits, sports, as well as constantly looking for creative and challenging opportunities. Kitmin's photographs have been published in Bloomberg, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong Tatler, as well as numerous local and international websites and social media sites.

Kitmin prides himself in providing an exceptional high quality bespoke photography service. His engineering skills have taught him to plan, execute and deliver a project with efficiency and minimal risk. All retouch work is carried out by himself. Every appointment is treated with the same respect whether large or small. He is a member of Nikon Professional Services.








Projects often require more than one photographer and/or videographers. Kitmin has collaborated with several reputable photographers and videographers, and they can be called upon to form a team. He has also worked with several Production Houses. Kitmin can manage this process.


Although Kitmin does not own a studio, he has access to several studios which can be hired. The studio used will depend on the nature of the shoot, i.e. size of studio required, cyclorama, colours of backdrops, level and quality of lighting equipment, and what location is convenient.


Professional DSLR camera bodies - 16MP to 50MP

Professional lenses from 11mm-400mm, fish eye

Drone with 12MP camera


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All photos on this website are low resolution. Client reference list is available upon request.

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